Key Trends for 2022

What will be influencing your customers’ frame choices in 2022? We’ve rounded up a few key trends.


One of the biggest trends to emerge in 2021, with more Google searches in the UK than any other design style. Cottagecore is charming, wholesome and warm, embracing floral wallpapers and pastel painted finishes teamed with macrame and wicker accessories.

Have a look at our hand finished moulding ranges such as Portobello and Skye, as well as Brompton, Jardin and Cotswold, all perfect for framing the botanical prints and vintage posters that are key to this look.


Searches for ‘sustainable home’ on were up 650% in 2021, demonstrating a clear shift towards more conscious choices in home decorating. Investing in bespoke framing fits this bill perfectly, allowing homeowners to create personalised wall art made to last; in 2021, ‘wall art’ saw a 61% increase in Google searches and over half a million mentions on Instagram. To make the most sustainable choices for your customers, check out our range of over 470 FSC® Certified Mouldings.


Japandi has been around for a while but doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Blending the smooth, modern lines of Scandinavian design with a functional, elegant Japanese aesthetic, it’s minimalist yet cosy, using neutral tones, lots of textures and natural materials. Light blonde mouldings are ideal for the ‘line art’ that characterises Japandi interiors - try Domino in Natural, Albany in Raw Oak and the concrete-like textures of Stone.

Green & Gold

Gold has firmly established itself as a contemporary choice for home accessories such as candle sticks, drawer pulls, cutlery, lamps… and picture frames. Green is also still having a moment - maybe because just looking at something green can apparently lower heart rate and alleviate stress.

Clearance Mouldings & Deletions

We’re making room for some beautiful new moulding ranges for Spring, so take a look at our Clearance section for some bargains.

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