Keencut SteelTrak ST165 Vertical Cutter 1650mm

Keencut SteelTrak ST165 Vertical Cutter 1650mm
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6583 Keencut SteelTrak ST165 Vertical Cutter 1650mm

Keencut SteelTrak for volume framers & sign makers

Heavy-duty manual sheet material cutters. Robust, reliable and easy to use.

The most advanced and heavy duty manual vertical cutter for sign and graphic materials.

The Keencut SteelTrak makes it easy for sign makers to meet the challenge of working with ever more complex sheet materials in the modern sign industry. Cut without noise or airborne debris with the SteelTrak. 

A heavier duty alternative to the Keencut Excalibur, the SteelTrak cuts thicker, tougher materials due to its strength, versatility, safety, and ease of use. With minimal maintenance required, the SteekTrak is built to last in the toughest working conditions.

As delivered, a SteelTrak cuts:

- DIBOND and similar up to 4mm
- Foamed PVC board, e.g. Fomex, up to 13mm
- Foam centre boards up to 13mm
- Cardboard and mountboard up to 13mm
- Fluted plastic up to 13mm
- Scores polystyrene, acrylic and polycarb up to 6mm

With optional accessories, a SteelTrak will cut:

7142, STVGB: V-grooves in Dibond and Fomex from 2mm to 6mm
6856, STGLC: Glass, up to 6mm
7061, STALC: Trims aluminium sheet, up to 1mm

Technical features:

Turn-to-lock ready-mounted cutting tools

The cutting head features a rotating turret which holds three seperate cutting tools:

A medium duty blade for PVC, foam board, corregated plastic, etc.

A reverse mounted medium duty blade for scoring acrlyic and styrene.

An optional glass cutter, sold seperately.

In additional to the turret, a twin wheel cutter is mounted to the cutting head, for ACRP up to 4mm thick.

Changing to a different tool is easy, as all cutters are fixed on the machine, simply engage the cutting tool required. No need to manually swap and change cutter heads, reducing the risk of injury.

All tools cut on the same line

As all blades cut on the same line there is no need for multiple measuring stops. Minimal setup between jobs is required.

Low friction ball bearings

Features a unique ball bearing system with distinct advantages. The bearings generate almost no additional friction so the pressure exerted by the operator goes directly into the cut. This means much less effort is needed to make cuts when compared to conventional cutters. Machines with traditional bearing systems generate a lot of friction, particularly when cutting heavier materials such as aluminium composite and PVC foamboard.

Transparent sightline strip

A fitted clear strip indicates the precise cutline of all cutting tools, allowing materials to be accurately placed prior to cutting.

Integrated counterbalance

A counterbalance weight attached to the cutting head runs silently along bearings. The counterbalance supports the weight of the cutting head, reducing operator fatigue and allowing the cutting head to be parked anywhere along the track for ease of use.

Precise squaring

The Keencut SteelTrak features a simple yet effective squaring system. The machine can be easily calibrated to 90° and locked into place to remain square.

Full length clamping system

A pressure sensitive clamp runs the full length of the machine. Capabale of gripping various thickness of material without any adjustment. Silcon cords and rubber foam strips are designed to grip media firmly whilst almost protecting the artwork being cut.

Telescopic legs

The lower sections of the legs are telescopic and can be adjusted by 40cm. This reduces operator fatigue as the SteelTrak can be adjusted to suit their height.

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