MicroStitch T Tag Starter Kit

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6130 MicroStitch T Tag Starter Kit

MicroStitch T Tag Gun for fabric fixing

Framing fabric items like sports shirts and baby clothes in shadow box frames is very profitable.

MicroStitch T-tag gun has a very fine needle and takes 4.4mm tags.

They are almost invisible and make a very small hole. Ideal for fixing fabric and small items to mountboard and foamboard. Fast to use and easy to remove.

If you drop or mishandle, you may misalign the mechanism, causing a failure not covered by the 6 month warranty.

6130 Kit includes: T-Tag Tool + 540 each of Cream and Black T-Tags.

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Q: Hi I have been searching for these pins but cannot find them anywhere. Do you sell the barbs separately? If not could you point me in the direction of where I can find theM? Also are they called T barbs? or T end barbs? Thanks in advance for your time Regards William

Hi William We stock Micro T Tags 4.4mm Cream 1,200 pieces. Search for part number 5430. Julia


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