Expression De-Roller 610mm x 38mm Roller

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5928 Expression De-Roller 610mm x 38mm Roller

De Roller helps you take the curl out of fine art papers

The Expression® De-Roller helps you to take the curl out of fine art papers that are printed off a roll. Most fine art papers can be “De-Rolled” in just a few seconds. Non-rag papers will require more time than 100% rag papers, but rarely more than a few minutes.

It may seem simple in its design, but the De-Roller has some patent-pending features:

- The white carrier film has virtually no curl memory and lays almost perfectly flat time-after-time. It attaches to the chrome-plated tube with virtually no seam ridge that could cause a crease mark on a print.

- There is a grey edge strip both edges of the carrier film. This is a unique feature which creates a space to allow the rolled paper to ‘slip’ as it relaxes and un-curls.

De-Roller is beautifully designed and well-built. It will give your prints from roll paper a professional finish.

All sizes of De-Roller can accommodate prints up to 940mm / 37” long.

“Getting to know the De-Roller was pure happiness. A gift to the industry. Had I not seen it with my own eyes and had I not tried it myself, I would have thought it was a lie.

I have all these years struggled to flatten images without doing any damage to them, as my philosophy is to never do anything that can’t be undone. In a minute or so, smooth out such as a poster, that has been rolled for years, or a giclée, come directly from the printer, with a seemingly banal simple design consisting of a plastic film with flexible edge strips, attached to the heavy roller.

Quite magical Everyone should have one!”

Susan Key, GCF,
Framing Designer, Key Creation,
Stockholm, Sweden

5928  Expression De-Roller 610mm x 38mm / 24" x 1.5" 

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5929  Expression De-Roller 1270mm x 38mm / 50" x 1.5"


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TypePrint De-roller
ForFlattening art papers