CWH3 Hangers 1 Frame Join & Hang Kit

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197 CWH3 Hangers 1 Frame Join & Hang Kit

Aluminium frame assembly hardware kit, to join 1 frame and hang on 2 hooks or nails

Kit contains:

• 4 x Screwed Plates and 4 x Flat Plates for joining the mitred corners of the frame
• 10 x Bow Springs which fit between the backing board and the frame to push the ‘sandwich’ against the rebate of the frame
• 2 x CWH3 Hangers which fit into the frame after assembly and allow the frame to be easily levelled. They sit on almost any hooks, pins or screws.

Works with all LION, Nielsen and most other aluminium frame profiles.

197  CWH3 Hangers 1 Frame Join & Hang kit

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More info:

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Wall hooks are not included.

Screws in CWH3 Square Sawtooth Hangers: These are sometimes slotted and sometimes cross headed. If slotted use a well-fitting flat bladed screwdriver. If cross-headed use a PH-2 screwdriver head.

Product information updated November 2020


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