24mm 'Aluminium AP24' Matt White Length Frame Moulding



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AP24-53L 24mm 'Aluminium AP24' Matt White Length Frame Moulding

• Contemporary back-loading aluminium profile

• No need to take the frame apart to change the image

• Back is held in place with v-clips, 3411

• Ideal for menus, certificates and high quality bespoke photo frames

• Double Plate Hardware pack with V Clips for AP24, 9470

Supplied in 3m lengths, order per metre and we will round up to the next whole length.

How is Aluminium Moulding Cut?

Aluminium can only be cut safely on a double mitre saw, fitted with special blades. For volume production a lubrication system is also required. For most framers, ordering on our Chop Service is the easiest way to buy aluminium frames.

LION Aluminium Moulding Chop Service

Aluminium mouldings are usually ordered as 'Chop'. We expertly mitre cut the mouldings to size and send them to you, ready to join. You pay a little more for this service, but you have the moulding supplied ready cut and with no waste to allow for.

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How to: Assemble an Aluminium Frame


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How to: Assemble an Aluminium Frame

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