AG2000 2m Auto Gauge for T400/350

AG2000 2m Auto Gauge for T400/350
£10,500.00 Ex Vat
Available to order.
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Specification: 2m


9762 Alfamacchine AG2000 2m Auto Gauge for T400/350

The Alfamacchine AG2000 2m auto gauge is designed to be integrated with either of the Alfamacchine double-mitre saws, T350 and T400

This creates a complete system that automatically sets moulding lengths and precisely cuts 45° mitre joints. This is a highly productive system for picture framing, canvas framing, mirror fabrications and joinery.

Features and benefits

• Easy to use and efficient

• Express option for pre-set frame sizes

• Reduces operator errors and mistakes

• Easy touch screen programming – multiple languages

• Electronic positioning stop for precision and repeatability

• Up to 5000 programs can be created and stored for quick recall

• Automatically calculates external dimensions for inner frame or glass spacer

• Width measurement device automatically calculates internal frame dimensions

More info

Download the annotated diagram

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