Alfamacchine T400 Double Mitre Saw inc Horizontal Clamps

Alfamacchine T400 Double Mitre Saw inc Horizontal Clamps
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4544D Alfamacchine T400 Double Mitre Saw inc Horizontal Clamps

The Alfamacchine T400 accurately cuts up to 200 frames per hour

High volume mitre cutting of frame mouldings up-to 100mm wide. This heavy-duty mitre saw gives an exceptional quality of cut on all hardwood, softwood & polymer mouldings and can be configured to cut aluminium. A clean cut is achieved everytime, even on mouldings with a brittle gesso or compo base, harder woods such as oak and on finger-jointed & laminated wood that is often used to make canvas stretcher bars.

+ Designed for High-Volume Production
The T-400 can be used to make up to 200 frames per hour and the pneumatic control system ensures accurate cutting with minimal operator fatigue.  

+ Twin Vertical Blades Fixed at 45°
Blades travel together on a single chassis with no possibility of movement or misalignment. Engineered for accurate, consistent cutting at speed. Closely fitted to reduce wastage. 

+ Adjustable Cutting Speed & Height
Adjustable stroke speed allows for accurate cutting on hardwood, softwood & polymer mouldings. The length of the stroke can be adjusted for smaller mouldings to maximise output by reducing the time taken per cut.

+ Twin Push Button Control
Twin push button control allows safe, fast cutting with no operator fatigue. 

+ 4 Pneumatic Clamps, Foot Pedal Control
Twin vertical clamps hold the moulding secure through the cutting cycle, the clamps are adjusting individually to hold even wide, unusual profile firm. 

+ Horizontal Clamps
Horizontal clamps give additional support when cutting deep, narrow profiles. 

+ Optional Configuration to Cut Aluminium Extrusion
T400 can also be supplied configured to cut larger aluminium mouldings. For this you require a lubrication system and special blades. Ask us for details.

+ Optional Extra: Auto Gauge

Speed up production and eliminate user error by adding the Auto Gauge to the T400. A powered positioning stop offers a precise and repeatable cutting cycle for moving between long and short lengths. The automatic rebate width measurement device allows a quick change over between moulding profiles. 

9762 AG-2000 for measuring up to 2m.

9762A AG-3000 for measuring up to 3m.

Performance Features
• Comfortable two-handed push button operation
• Fully adjustable mould clamping via push button/foot pedal operation
• Adjustable blade descent speed for soft or hard wood requirements
• Adjustable cutting speed
• Adjustable blade height
• Quick blade change
• Quick read-out feed measurement and scale support
• Dual measurement production stops
• Directional off-cut chute for external waste collection
• Adaptable with an Auto Gage production feature

Safety Features
• Fully enclosed work unit with no external moving parts
• Emergency push button cut-off switch
• Front door guard micro cut-off switch
• Adjustable polycarbonate front guard depending on mould thickness
• Two-handed operation to actuate saw cutting process
• Motor brake system
• Fail-safe descending head
• CE Compliant

Technical Details
• Cutting Action: Pneumatic/Vertical
• Blade Size: 15.7" (400mm)
• Moulding Max Width:  100mm (4")
• Moulding Max Height:  80mm (3 ½”)

Electrical & Pneumatic Requirements
• Electric - 3 phase, 380v. 2 x 2hp motors use 3kW power
• Air Requirements 5 / 7 bar, consumption 300 LPM
• Dust Collection Scrap Chute - 2 Ports 80mm or 100mm

• Width: 3200mm
• Depth: 830mm
• Height 1700mm
• Weight: 500kg

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