30mm 'Bare Wood' Ayous FSC 100% Frame Moulding

£2.90 Ex Vat per metre

39 metres available More expected Tuesday 29 Jun 21

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L2644 30mm 'Bare Wood' Ayous FSC 100% Frame Moulding

Ayous also known as 'obeche'. Versatile and easy to work with.

Colour & Grain: Consistent pale straw colour with even indistinct grain.
Character: Medium hardness, easy to work with.
Finish: Pale colour and indistinct grain make this a very versatile moulding for a wide variety of finishes including hand gilding, coloured waxes and stain and painted finishes.

When ordering on chop, give measurements the rebate as you would with a regular moulding.

Usual number of lengths per wrap: 2 lengths measuring 3 metres each

Approximate metres per box: 96 metres

Please order in metres, we will round up to the nearest full length.

Ordering bare woods

While we take care to match the grain and colour between lengths it’s important to be aware that bare woods vary more widely than finished woods. They can also be a little more prone to warping and twisting.


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TypeFrame moulding
Rebate Height10mm
Width Span26-30mm
Height Span26-30mm
Rebate Span6-10mm