Heavy Duty Bonding Tape 12mm x 25m 1 roll

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9885 Heavy Duty Bonding Tape 12mm x 25m 1 roll

For attaching Sub-frames to the backs of printed alu panels & to fix printed panels into Tray Frame profiles

Heavy Duty Bonding Tape is double-sided with very high bond strength, good tack and an extremely high adhesion to most grease-free substrates. Made of a synthetic rubber/resin adhesive with a tearable polyester fabric core. It is approximately 0.80mm thick.

This special tape is primarily to help users bond our Sub-Frame Profiles to aluminium, Di-bond and other panel materials. It's also ideal for fixing many objects and memorabilia to smooth and textured surfaces.

Stronger than foam-based tapes, which can shear under stress. We've not yet tested removal, which won’t be easy - we suggest trying lighter fluid or acetone.

As with most adhesive products, HD Bonding Tape works best if the surfaces to be bonded are totally clean and grease free. That includes finger grease. Always use solvent surface wipes.

9885  Heavy Duty Bonding Tape 12mm x 25m  0.80mm thick roll   

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Heavy Duty Bonding tape colour  It usually looks red on the roll. The adhesive is clear and the colour comes from the filmic liner. For technical reasons, it sometimes comes with a paper release liner, so the rolls look white. The superb adhesive is identical in both cases

MSDS  Material Safety Data Sheet

Technical Info  Product Data Sheet

Working with self-adhesive materials in cold weather? When the temperature drops remember to let self-adhesive tapes, PVA glues, boards and mounting films come up to room temperature before using them. Keep them that way for a few hours after application while the adhesives cure.

Product information updated April 2020


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6918, 6919, 9885 Heavy Duty Bonding Tape MSDS

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6918, 6919, 9885 Heavy Duty Bonding Tape Product Data Sheet

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