Newly R10 Rail WHITE 2m Picture Hanging System Rail

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10118 Newly R10 Rail WHITE 1 x 2m for Picture Hanging System 

Newly R10 is a compact slimline hanging rail that can be fitted tight to the top of the wall.  Twister suspenders, perlon, cable or rod, push up, twist and lock into the rail.

Newly, and many other brands of hook, slide on and are easily adjustable.

• Newly R10 Rail profile, 17 x 12mm, fits to the wall and can be flush to ceiling. Supports up to 20 kg/m.

• Supplied in individual 2m and 3m lengths, so you can order exactly what you need.

• Fixes and joins with Newly Fixing Clip / Joiner, 7476, use approximately every 300mm with screws supplied by user.

• Easily cut to length with a small hacksaw. See rail cutting kit 10151, below. Corners and End Caps for R10 rail available.

• Newly Twister suspender options: perlon translucent, steel cable, silver and steel rod, white.

• The white satin colour can easily be overpainted before or after installation. Tip - insert thick string or similar into the slot before painting and pull it out before paint dries. This helps keep the hanging slot paint-free.

10118  Newly R10 Rail, WHITE 1 x 2m

Planning the installation of a Picture Hanging System?

9941  Newly Samples Pack which includes a piece of Newly R10 rail, Twister suspender and H50 and H100 adjustable hooks.

See also:

10119  Newly R10 hanging rail, 1 x 3m length

10151  Hanging rail cutting kit. Saw, guide block and clamp

7476    Newly rail fixing and joining clips (except R50, use 9972)

9474    Suspender guides, help frames hang nearer the vertical

7081    H100 Adjustable hooks 

7465    H50S Adjustable hooks, only for 1.5mm diameter rod suspenders

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Newly R10  Compact, slimline rail. White and Silver 20kg/m

Newly R20  All-round robust rail. White and Silver. 30kg/m

Newly R30  Strong and versatile, as it also takes G-top square rods. White and Silver. 50kg/m

Newly R40  UpRail - attaches to ceilings with special clips. White, 20kg/m

Newly R50  Papers display rail. White, Papers slide in and out. Great for schools and service desks

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