20x40mm 'Bare Wood' Mansonia Frame Moulding

£7.87 Ex Vat per metre

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L2983 20x40mm 'Bare Wood' Mansonia Frame Moulding

Great value alternative to Black Walnut

Colour & Grain: Varies from rich, dark brown to taupe. Subtle grain pattern.
Character: Hard and heavy. Lengths 2.7m-3m
Finish: Slight natural lustre, milled extremely smooth, takes finishes very well

Usual number of lengths per wrap: 2 lengths measuring ? metres each

Please order in metres, we will round up to the nearest full length.

Ordering bare woods

While we take care to match the grain and colour between lengths it’s important to be aware that bare woods vary more widely than finished woods. They can also be a little more prone to warping and twisting.


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TypeFrame moulding
Rebate Height35mm
Width Span16-20mm
Height Span36-40mm
Rebate Span31-35mm