Foam Board 5mm Self Adhesive 1524mm x 1015mm 25 sheets

Foam Board 5mm Self Adhesive 1524mm x 1015mm 25 sheets
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Size: 1524x1016mm


5354B Foam Board 5mm Self Adhesive 1524mm x 1015mm 25 sheets

White self-adhesive foam board with a permanent adhesive

This foam board has permanent adhesive applied to one side of the board. Peel back the release sheet to reveal it and carefully lay down the artwork. PE coated surface papers minimise risk of warping during changes in air humidity. Ideal for mounting prints and posters without access to special equipment.

Face: Peel up the release sheet to reveal the adhesive. This is coated onto white paper bonded to the foam core. It is permanent.

Core: White polystyrene foam 

Back: White paper

Thickness: 5mm. Sheet size 1524mm x 1015mm 

+ This is a non-toxic, pH neutral, CFC free high density polystyrene foam board. 

+ Light, durable and flat with good structural strength and moisture resistance. It has applications in photo mounting, picture framing, displays and merchandising.

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More info:

When using self-adhesive boards, always peel back a little bit of the release sheet and align item to be mounted. Then peel back more and press down as you go. Use a brayer roller to apply even pressure to bond it down fully, rolling all over in both directions. If a roller laminator is available, use that for faster working.

Store boards flat in an area where the temperature doesn’t fluctuate to minimise possible bowing.  

Delivery notice: This item cannot be shipped overseas due to its dimensions and/or weight.

What is Foam Board?

+ Face papers sandwiching the high-density polystyrene foam core form a board which is lightweight yet flat and rigid. It has numerous uses in art, picture framing, photo mounting, graphics display, merchandising and more.

+ Most foam boards are CFC free, pH neutral and with no toxins or harmful substances. There are many variations, to make it more moisture resistant, more rigid or coloured. Also, pressure-sensitive and heat activated adhesive types.

How is Foam Board made?

+ The polystyrene foam core is extruded, loosely rolled up and left in a store to allow it to out-gas. Then the paper or similar liners are bonded to each face – all at very high speed!

+ After the boards have been laminated, they are dried, cooled and trimmed to size with an automated cutter.

Tips for using Foam Board

Foam board can be cut with almost any sharp scalpel or knife blade. For best results use a safety straight edge and a cutting mat. Foamwerks cutting tools are recommended for cutting custom shapes for use in object framing and modelling.

Sheet material cutters such as Keencut Simplex and Evolution3 will improve workshop efficiency when cutting larger volumes. CMC mounters cutters can usually cut foam board up to 5mm. On Gunnar cutters use the 001013n blade, 7026B.



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