Fletcher Terry 3000 Sheet Material Cutter 1530mm

Fletcher Terry 3000 Sheet Material Cutter 1530mm
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Specification: 3000


10712 Fletcher Terry 3000 Sheet Material Cutter 1530mm

Cuts sheet materials including glass, acrylic, mountboard and foam centre board

The Fletcher Terry 3000 Cuts:

  • Acrylic / Styrene 6mm  
  • Glass 6mm 
  • Mountboard 6mm 
  • Fluted Frame Backing Board 6mm
  • Foam Centre Board 6mm 

Key features: 

- 3-position cutting turret switches quickly between glass scoring wheel, acrylic scoring tip and cutting blade for boards. 

- Unique breaker feature – snap acrylic without taking it to a bench and get a clean break on glass every time.

- Cutting head runs on high tensile strength steel tube, chrome plated and polished for a smooth gliding cutting action.  

- Patented lever-type clamping system secures sheets up to 1530mm to prevent buckling and shifting during the cutting process. 

- Flip up measuring stop for accurate repeat cutting.

3-Position Cutting Turret:

Glass: Scores glass up to 6mm thick. See 2755 Tungsten Carbide wheels for 2-3mm glass, 3410 for 3-6mm glass. For lower cost but less durable steel wheels see 2780.

Acrylic: Scores acrylic sheets up to 6mm thick. See 2749 for acrylic scoring blades.

Boards: Cuts board up 6mm thick. See 900 Fletcher M300 blades.

More info:

- Scales in metric and imperial, with flip stop for accurate repeat cutting. 

- Maximum sheet size: 1530mm 

- Mounts to the wall, to save space.

Download the annotated diagram

Delivery and installation:

Delivered in a large L-shaped box. Install by fixing to a flat, solid wall. If that’s not available, attach a sheet of thick MDF or plywood to the wall then fix the cutter to that. 

Fletcher Part No: # 04-712

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