Keencut 080 Trapezoidal Blades pack 100

Keencut 080 Trapezoidal Blades pack 100
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1078 Keencut 080 Trapezoidal Blades pack 100

The Keencut 080 blade has a trapezoidal shape. It is made in UK using the finest steel and is specially honed for ultimate sharpness.

The oil-free finish and ultra-fine honing of the very sharp edge makes the Keencut 080 blade ideal for high quality mountcutting. It is most often used to make vertical cuts, but sometimes for bevel cuts. For the full list of applications, scroll down.

Technical Spec of 080 blades:

• Reversible, use both ends
• 50mm x 19mm, 0.43mm thick
• 1.25% Carbon Steel
• Higher grade steel than many comparable bladest
• Oil free, so won’t leave a smear on the surface of mountboard when new
• Made in Sheffield, UK
• Shape matches the Keencut Medium Duty Blade, now deleted. But the sharpness is much better

080 blade applications:

Bevel cutting: Futura Flexo
Also Laser Mk 1 & Mk 11 Ace, Ace+, Arrow & Dart

Vertical cutting: Ultimat Futura, Ultimat Gold, Futura Flexo
Also Artist +, Utimat, Ace, Ace +, Laser Mk 1 and Mark 11, Arrow and Dart

Can also be used in all applications where the Medium Duty Blade was used

Keencut Supplier ref: #CA50-010

The 080 blade can also be used on these Keencut cutters:

Excalibur 5000 and Excalibur 1000X
Evolution E2
Javelin Series 2 and Javelin Integra
Sabre Series 2-Use with Medium Duty Blade Holder

Plus many other knives and cutters which use the Utility 50mm blade format.


Q: Hi. Can you send the blades (Keencut 080) for Keencut Ulimate Gold to Poland? Best regards Pawel

A: We have a reseller in Poland who will be able to help and supply the Keencut blades you require. Details as follows… C M W SC cmw@waw.pdi.net 0048 22 773 4754

Please feel free to ask any questions about this product.