Disc Plate Hanger 30mm Bag of 10 cards

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2846 Disc Plate Hanger 30mm Bag of 10 cards

The Original 'Invisible' Adhesive Plate Hanger, tested and proven over 50 years. Also for Foamboard.

Available also in four other sizes:

2847   50mm / 2” diameter
2848   75mm / 3” diameter
2849   100mm / 4” diameter
2850   140mm / 5.5” diameter

An effective and reliable alternative to wire plate hangers. No clips or hooks. The disc sticks to the back of the plate, holds it secure against the wall and cannot be seen.

Designed to work on smooth, very clean, glazed china surface. plates It may not work well on coarse surfaces.

Plates can acquire a layer of dust, atmospheric pollution and airborne grease over time. This must be scrubbed clean with soap and water. Try not to use detergent as most contain surfactants. Finally, wipe the surface with a strong solvent like methylated sprits which removes any trace of grease and surfactants.

Wet the hanger disc thoroughly in a saucer of water to activate the adhesive. Apply to the plate and let dry overnight, then check they have bonded securely before hanging on a suitable hook on the wall.

To remove from a plate, soak it in water until the hanger can be peeled off.

These hangers will also stick well to foamboard panels to hang them on picture hooks. The large contact area spreads the loading and reduces the risk of delamination.

Fit the plate with two clear dome bumpers, 4959, to improve stabiity on the wall. Bumpers sold seperately.

2846  30mm / 1¼" diameter. Individually carded, 10 cards in a bag. Made in UK.


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