Fletcher Glass and Plastic Pliers 200mm

Fletcher Glass and Plastic Pliers 200mm
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Length: 200mm

2533 Fletcher Glass and Plastic Pliers 200mm

Pliers proven over many years to help you safely snap glass and acrylic sheets up to 6mm thick

Contoured moulded handles are glass fibre reinforced for strength. Lightweight and won't break. Each bubble pack includes two sets of covers for the jaws.

If you intend to use them as Nipping Pliers to break off little bits of glass left sticking out after a cut, fit the two black steel jaw covers. For best results grip the projecting glass and pull with a slight downward action.

If you intend to use them to break a glass or a plastic sheet already scored, fit the two black plastic jaw covers. One has a ridge in the middle – fit that on the jaw opposite the white line. The other has a ridge at each edge – fit that on the jaw with the white line.

To cut, score glass with a good TC glass cutter. Score acrylic and polystyrene sheet with a scoring tool.

To finish the cut, place the glass or acrylic on the bench projecting by about 50mm. Position the pliers, with black plastic jaw covers, such that the white line on the pliers aligns with the score line. Squeeze the pliers firmly. With glass, it will crack and lifting the pliers will send it down the length quickly. With plastic, it will crack and may run down the length more slowly.

Fitting the jaw covers can be a bit of a fiddle, a tiny screwdriver can help remove once fitted. Place the pair not being used in a polybag or similar so they are not easily lost.

Made in USA, Fletcher ref: 06 112

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