EconoSpace ES 062 1.5mm Clear pack 31m Spacer

EconoSpace ES 062 1.5mm Clear pack 31m Spacer
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Colour: Clear


2727 EconoSpace ES 062 1.5mm Clear pack 31m Spacer

EconoSpace spacer strips to help framers create an air space between the glass and the art

They are a hollow rectangular section with acrylic adhesive on one narrow face. Height ranges from 1.5mm to 9.5mm, in Clear, Black and White.

Extruded from acid-free polymers with no plasticisers. Profiles have a satin finish on one face and glossy on the other. Strips are 4mm wide Easily cut to length with a sharp knife, pruners or a fillet cutter. Then bonded to the underside of the clean glass.

Glass should be cut accurately. Smooth sharp edges with a Telum diamond faced pad or similar. Clean glass and apply EconoSpace flush to edge.

• Paper Conservation: An image on paper in contact with the glass can absorb condensation. This causes discoloration and deterioration. Spacers are essential when framing without a mount
• Slide strips of mountboard into the hollow profiles to customise the ‘walls’ of shadowboxes. The White profile is a close match to white rag mountboard
• Shadow Boxes: Use spacers when framing an embossed or heavily textured print, or a small object
• Ideal for spacing unmounted tapestries and float mounted art on heavy paper away from the glass

EconoSpace ES-062 and ES-125 are supplied in 1.524m / 5ft lengths, 20 lengths, 31m, in a pack. 

EconoSpace ES-250 and ES-375 are also supplied in 1.524m / 5ft lengths, but with 12 lengths, 18m, in a pack.

Made in USA by FrameTek.

Maximum Frame Sizes: When using EconoSpace, we suggest a max horizontal width of 600mm / 24" app. Always rest the cross piece on the verticals. If you use FrameSpace, there is no limit, up to about 1500mm / 60"

Delivery notice: This item cannot be shipped overseas due to its dimensions and/or weight.


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