Keencut Simplex Cutter Bar 3100mm

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5187E Keencut Simplex Cutter Bar 3100mm

The portable cutter with accurate cutting.

Cuts materials up to 3.1m wide, including PVC foamboard up to 6mm, vinyl, woven fabrics, foam centred board, film, paper, tissue and more.

Safety in mind

Much safer than a hand held blade and straight edge as there's no chance of becoming detached. The Simplex is fitted with a fixed slidway and with a spring-loaded cutter head for safe operation.


Robust lightweight materials means the Simpex can be used anywhere with a flat surface to lay it on, while maintaining the quality needed.

Precision cutting

Adjusted by Keencut technicians to be straight to within 1mm over the whole machine length. Ideal for cutting large materials, make accurate cuts first time and avoid wastaged.

Ergonomic design

Fitted with the original Keencut 'rocker style' cutting head for ease of use. Blade automatically retracts when not in use for increased safety.

Depth adjustment

The cutting blade can be adjusted to the correct depth. If it's too shallow the cut will be incomplete, if too deep the blade will flex.

Minimal maintenance

Hard wearing, self-lubricating sliding bearings with a Keencut 20 year warranty means less down time and minimal expense for replacement parts.

Available in sizes: 1100mm, 1600mm, 2100mm, 2600mm.

Read the Keencut Simplex User Instructions.


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