SpringLOCK 50 Bridges 50 Locks 100 Screws

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4647 SpringLOCK 50 Bridges 50 Locks 100 Screws

SpringLOCK is the versatile way to hang pictures and mirrors safely and securely. Locks onto almost any screw in the wall.

Screws - Fixes into the wall, leave approx 4mm left protruding.

Bridge - Screws to frame. Slot over the heads of the screws in the wall. Bridge plate width 16mm.

Lock - Pushes in to the Bridge to lock onto screw in wall.

SpringLOCK® provides a clever way of securely hanging pictures, artwork, mirrors and canvases to any type of wall. With a SpringLOCK® the chance of theft or accidental damage is minimised.

Pack contains:

50 x Bridges

50 x Locks

100 x Wood screws

Learn more: PUB053 SpringLOCK Release Tool & Marker


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PUB053 SpringLOCK Release Tool & Marker

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