Keyhole Hanger Plates BRIDGE BP Pack 10

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5444A Keyhole Hanger Plates BRIDGE BP Pack 10

Heavy-Duty Keyhole hangers to help your customers hang heavier pictures and mirrors safely

The Brass Wall Bezels fix in pairs to the wall with screws up to 5.2mm shank dia.

The Flat Keyhole Plates or Bridge Keyhole Plates are fixed to the frame. When the frame with the plates is placed onto the wall bezels, the unique flat top of the keyhole in the plates allows 4mm approx sideways adjustment.

The Flat Keyhole Plates are 78mm H, width 59mm W. Steel thickness 1.5mm. Finish is brass or nickel plate. These can be fitted on most frames with mouldings 40mm or more wide

The Bridge Keyhole Plates are 77mm H, 52mm W. Steel thickness 1.3mm. Under-bridge height, 4mm approx. Finish is brass or nickel plate. These plates are designed to fit onto the back of wide mouldings over 55mm.

Safe working load, based on our tests is 15kg. This is subject to a good standard of installation.

5444A   BRIDGE Keyhole Plates Brass Plated, BP  Pack 10

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TypePicture hangers
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Max Load15kg