LION Manual Flexipoint Driver

LION Manual Flexipoint Driver
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Operation: Manual

Specification: Flexi


10400 LION Manual Flexipoint Driver

Inserts Flexipoints into the frame rebate for fitting removable frame backs

Key Features:

+ Designed to work with LION Flexipoints which are driven into the frame rebate to hold the back in place. LION Flexipoints can be bent up to allow the back to be removed

+ No pull-back required; slide and fire points continuously

+ Flexipoints are driven in almost flat, with no pressing down required

+ Firing trigger is ergonomically shaped for comfort

+ Front-loading magazine with quick release holds 200 LION Flexipoints

+ Spring adjusted firing power to suit wood density

+ Robust glass-reinforced polymer body

+ Lightweight and easy to handle

+ 12 month warranty and a support service you can trust from LION

Compatible Flexipoints:

All standard sized Flexipoints: Length 15mm, width 4.4mm

10402 LION Standard Flexipoints

7702 Alfamacchine Flexipoints

7828 Alfamacchine Flexipoints Semi-rigid

Technical Specification: 

Driver Length: 173mm

Driver Height: 150mm

Driver Width: 85mm

Driver Weight: 0.52kg


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