LION Air Flexipoint Driver

LION Air Flexipoint Driver
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Operation: Air

Specification: Flexi


10473 LION Air Flexipoint Driver

Inserts Flexipoints into the frame rebate for fitting removable frame backs

Key Features:

+ Designed to work with LION Flexipoints which are driven into the frame rebate to hold the back in place. LION Flexipoints can be bent up to allow the back to be removed

+ For volume production - no pull-back required, slide and fire points continuously.

+ Angled nose-plate ensures points are driven in consistently flat to the backing

+ Comfort finger trigger reduces hand strain in volume framing environments

+ Large load capacity of 300 flexipoints allows for continuous use

+ 12 month warranty and a support service you can trust from LION

Airline fitting sold seperately: 1362

Technical Specification:

Flexipoints: Length: 15mm. Width: 4.5-5mm. Thickness: 0.36-0.4mm

Length: 227mm

Height: 180mm

Width: 48mm

Weight (without flexipoints): 0.82kg

Air Inlet: 1/4" BSP

Max Operating Pressure: 110 PSIG (7.5 bar)

Recommended Operating Pressure: 60 ~ 100 PSIG (4 ~ 7 bar)

Air Consumption: 0.0044 scfm with 25 nails per minute when set at 100 psi (6.9 bar)

Compatible Flexipoints:

10402 LION Standard Flexipoints

7702 Alfamacchine Flexipoints

7828 Alfamacchine Flexipoints Semi-rigid

See also:

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