Chestnut Spirit Stain BROWN MAHOGANY 500ml

2936M Chestnut Spirit Stain BROWN MAHOGANY 500ml

Spirit based wood stains which are lightfast, quick drying and penetrate well

You do not get 'missed' patches where there may be a slight smear of grease on the wood. Spirit stains do not raise the grain, so smoothing and finishing is quicker.

Wearing gloves before application is advisable. In 500ml plastic bottles. Always tighten cap after use.

Delivery notice: This item is classed as flammable and therefore cannot be shipped overseas.

Typical uses - To colour the bare wood surface prior to finishing

Method of application - Cloth, brush, spray or foam brush

Drying time - Typically within five minutes

Coverage - Approximately 4-8 sq.m per litre

Compatibility - Take care when using under solvent based finishes

Tips - Ensure wood is clean and dry before use. All colours can be intermixed or thinned for delicate wash effects


2936, 5292, 5293 Chestnut Spirit Stain MSDS.PDF - 195.61 KB



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