Keencut Excalibur 6000 Vertical Cutter 1600mm

Keencut Excalibur 6000 Vertical Cutter 1600mm
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10688 Keencut Excalibur 6000 Vertical Cutter 1600mm

Perfect precision cutting for all framing sheet materials

Designed with more durable construction, anti-scratch protection for expensive coated glass, and an angled easy-read measuring scale, the Excalibur 6000 is the most advanced framing sheet material cutter on the market. 

The Keencut Excalibur 6000 Cuts: 

  • Glass 6mm 
  • MDF 4mm 
  • Mountboard 4mm 
  • PVC Foamboard 13mm 
  • FoamCore 13mm
  • Acrylic 6mm 
  • Styrene 3mm 

Key features: 

+ Anti-scratch protection for coated glass 

+ Redesigned measuring scale angled at 65 degrees for easy visibility 

+ Two flip stops for fast, accurate repeat cutting 

+ Rotating turret head turns to switch between three heads to cut mountboard, score acrylic or score glass 

+ Twin wheel head cuts MDF effortlessly 

+ Cutting heads run on durable steel bearings with integral counterbalance to reduce fatigue 

+ Strong panel clamp holds material securely in place 

+ Easy to square and calibrate 

+ Cuts with no dust 

+ Safety by design 

More info: 

Every blade cuts down the same line, so all materials are a perfect frame fit. There’s no need to alter production stops for different materials, so it’s quick to set up for one-off jobs or repeat volume cutting.  

A wall mounting bracket is supplied as standard – Freestanding Kit is available as an optional extra if wall space is limited or flexibility of machine placement is required.

Download the annotated diagram

Supplied with the machine: 

100 medium duty utility blades 

Tungsten Carbide Glass Cutting Wheel + spare 

Twin wheel cutter (mounted) 

Wall mounting bracket 


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