SUB25 Aluminium Sub Frame Mill Finish Length

£3.15 Ex Vat per metre

336 metres available More expected Wednesday 09 Sep 20

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9922L SUB25 Aluminium Sub Frame Mill Finish Length

When assembled into a frame and bonded to the back fo a printed panel, SUB25 makes it float away from the wall. Used with HD Bonding Tape, SUB25 is particularly suitable for larger aluminium panels and thicker substrates.

- Order square cut on our Chop Service, or in 3m lengths to cut on your own equipment.

- Join with 9968A 25mm moulded push-in corners to make a frame.

- Apply HD Bonding Tape to the frame and bond to the back of the panel. Clean all contact surfaces with a solvent wipe first.

- Fit CWH3 Square Sawtooth Hangers to the frame and hang on normal picture hooks, or use T Screws for safe and secure hanging.

What is a Sub-Frame?

- A frame cut to size and fitted to the back of the panel with VHB Tape/Heavy-Duty (HD) bonding tape
- Sub-Frame SUB25 is an extruded aluminium profile, with a mill finish
- Square cut corners are joined with SUB25 moulded Push In Corners
- Mitred corners are joined with metal plates from the Hardware Kit, use a screwdriver to fix in place
- Hangers are fitted to the frame

What does a Sub-Frame do?

- Provides a way of fitting hangers to allow the panel to hang on normal picture hooks
- Adds a feeling of weight and enhances the quality of the panel
- Gives the panel added rigidity and strength
- Spaces the panel away from the wall so that it appears to float

How big should your sub frame be?

For square cut profiles using Moulded Push-In Corners - measure the printed panel and allow 25-75mm border (depending on panel size). Take the external measurements of the sub frame e.g. 300mm x 500mm. Subtract 27mm to each end to allow for the width of the push in corners, making the framed example 446mm x 246mm.

For mitre cut profiles using Steel Push-In Corners or Double-Plate Hardware - do the same as you would for square cut profiles but there's no need to subtract to all for the moulding push in corners.

Adhere the sub frame to the printed panel with HD Bonding Tape 6919. Remember, adhesive products work best if the surfaces to be bonded are totally clean and grease free. Use solvent surface wipes 9837 (sachets) or 9838 (tub).

Priced per metre, supplied in 3m lengths. Please order in metres, we will round up to the nearest full length.

Download the Sub Frame Measuring Guide.

Lion supply sub-frame profiles in 3 metre lengths, as precision mitred pairs in standard and in bespoke sizes. Click here to order bespoke sizes through our Chop Service. By ordering through our Chop Service frames are cut to size so there's no need to allow for waste.

Choose between two profiles, SUB15 is 15mm and SUB25 is 25mm. The deep the aluminium sub-frame, the further the panel will hang away from the wall.

Click here to see all standard sizes in the SUB25 range.

SUB25 Aluminium Sub-Frame measurements: 27mm Face x 25mm Depth

More info:

How to: Assemble an Aluminium Frame

Fitting a Sub-Frame to a graphic panel...


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