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Tray Frame Profiles

  • Creates a shadow effect
  • Join with CWH3 Kit
  • Panel sits in tray created


Frame in a contemporary style by

creating a shadow gap between

the panel and the frame

 See the full range of Tray Frame Profiles here.


Slots right in, ideal for commercial interiors



To create an exaggerated shadow gap


Assembly Accessories

Solvent Wipes

  • For preparing the surface of the back of a printed panel
  • Ensures tape or adhesive bonds well
  • Adhesive products work best if the surfaces to be bonded are totally clean and grease free

Heavy Duty HD Bonding Tape

  • For permanently attaching a printed panel to a Tray Frame
  • New red filmic liner, will not tear
  • Double sided with a high internal strength
  • Extremely high adhesion to most grease free substrates

2 Part Magnetic Tape

  • Magnetic strip & steel strip, both self adhesive
  • Easy to apply, adjust, and remove panel
  • Ideal for POS & Display
  • 2.1mm net thickness