Art Frames

Give a refined finish with an aluminium Art Frame - the rebate hides the panel edges.

M11 & M15

Modern aluminium profiles for printed panels

• Smooth on all faces
• Available in matt and bright finishes

CWH3 Joining Hardware

• To assemble aluminium Art Frames you will need to order this Assembly Hardware Kit
These sets consist of: Screwed Plates and Flat Plates for joining the corners of the frame
• Bow Springs fit between the backing board and the back of the aluminium

How to Assemble an Aluminium Frame

Use Double Plate Hardware in each corner. The top plate contains grub screws which force the plates apart when tightened to hold the corner firmly in place.

1. Slot in the L Plates, joining 3 sides to make a 'U' shape.

2. Slide the panel into the U and fit the fourth side. Align the corners as you tighten the screws. Fit Bow Springs into place.

3. To smooth and finish the corners stroke the shank of a screwdriver from front to back.