Picture Framing Supplies UK Materials & Equipment for Framers £50 minimum order

Hardware & Accessories for Panels

for the assembly, hanging and display of panels

For Sub Frames

Sub Frame Kit

  • To join and hang mitre-cut sub frame profiles on 2 hooks
  • Can also be used for Tray Frames

Moulded Push In Corners

  • For quick & easy joining of square cut SUB15 profiles
  • Unique curves minimise the risk of damage to the panel

For Art Frames

CWH3 Kit

  • To join and hang aluminium frames on 2 hooks
  • Bow Springs fit between the backing board and panel
  • Foam bumpers help keep the panel flat


CWH3 Fangle Kit

  • To join and hang large, heavier aluminium frames on 2 hooks
  • Fangles provide stronger corners for heavier frames
  • Heavy duty robust design

For Tray Frames

Tray Frame Kit

  • To join and hang mitre-cut sub frame profiles on 2 hooks
  • Includes screws, flat plates, CWH3 hangers, and foam bumpers
  • Can also be used for Sub Frames


Bulk Joining & Hanging Components

Hardware Pieces in Bulk

For high volume, essential items can be bought economically in bulk

Tapes, Adhesive & Surface Preparation


Bostik Simson ISR 70-03 Adheisve

290ml Cartridge

  • An alternative solution to bonding tapes

Solvent Wipes

  • For preparing the back of a printed panel
  • Ensures tape or adhesive bonds well

9837 100 Sachets

9838 Dispenser of 160 Wipes


Permanent or interchangeable tapes.

HD Bonding Tape provides a permanent strong hold

Magnetic Tape allows the panel to be easily removed


Free Standing Panel Display

Panel Stand

  • Contains self adhesive base plate & panel leg
  • Leg clips into place
  • Easily bent to adjust angle
  • Customers have the choice to hang or stand their panel

Security Fixings

Hang Lock Plates with T-Screws

  • Self adhesive steel plates
  • No drilling of panel required
  • Takes up to 10kg per pair

Hang Lock Plates with SpringLOCK

  • Self adhesive steel plates shaped to take a SpringLOCK
    lock - locking almost any screw in the wall
  • No panel drilling required
  • Takes up to 10kg per pair

Top Hook T-Screw Kit

  • Top Hook Plates are fixed to the wall and frames hang from those
  • A T-Screw is used to lock the bottom of the frame to the wall


Corner Protectors

  • To protect printed panel corners for transit
  • Varies in width to allow for thinner panels

King Dick 1 for 6 Screwdriver

  • Patented tip design for powerful contact
  • Works with all Pozi 1,2 & 3 and
    Philips 1,2 & 3 Cross Head Screws
  • Comfortable, soft touch handle
  • Note: Lion Double Plate Hardware requires
    a flat head screwdriver