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Sub Frame Profiles

Add depth and rigidity by attaching a Sub-Frame to the back of your Printed Panels.

  • A secure method for hanging a Printed Panel, such as ChromaLuxe

  • Supports large and sometimes flexible Printed Panels

  • Spaces Printed Panels away from the wall, creating an eye-catching shadow or 'floating effect'

Our best-selling SUB15 profile is now available with high quality adhesive tape pre-applied. This makes your production even more efficient, especially when combined with our new Moulded Push-In Corners!



  1. Choose the SUB15 profile in lengths or square-cut to size through our Chop Service
  2. Choose our new Moulded Push-In Corners for quick & easy sub-frame joining.  
  3. Select your accessories for hanging & finishing


Corner Hardware

Push in Corners

Moulded Push-In Corners

Quick to fit!

Just loosely assemble the sub-frame then tap the corners home.

The unique combination of curves create a slight concave on the contact face. This minimises the risk of dimples on the face of the printed panel.

9295     1 Frame Join & Hang Kit

9295A   10 Frame Bag

9295B   100 Frame Bag


1) Select your length of SUB15.

Buy in mitred pairs, chop your own lengths or use our Chop Service for the perfect cut with no waste.

Sub-Frame profile

2) Join the corners of the frame using Moulded Push-In Corners (for square cuts only).


3)  Heavy Duty Bonding Tape is used only when you order our sub-frame profiles without tape pre-applied. To stick the sub-frame to the panel surface of the frame.

We recommend preparing the surface of the back of the printed panel with Solvent Wipes to help ensure a good bond.

4) We recommend CWH3 Square Sawtooth Hangers.

For added security T-Screws can be fitted directly into the channel of the sub-frame.