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Sub-Frame Profiles

  • Add depth
  • Add rigidity
  • Easy to hang


Double plate hardware

slots into place and

fastens with a screwdriver 

 2 easy ways to join...

1. Double Plate Hardware

Suitable for mitre-cut: SUB08, SUB15, SUB25

Join mitred pieces together by inserting the double plate hardware

and tightening the screws

9754   1 Frame Bag

6923   20 Plate Pairs

7969   100 Plate Pairs

2. Moulded Push-In Corners

Suitable for square cut only of the SUB15 profiles

Quick to fit, just loose assemble the sub frame then tap the corners home.


9295A   10 Frame Bag

9295B   100 Frame Bag


Add depth and rigidity by attaching a Sub-Frame

to the back of the printed panel.


There are 3 key benefits of using a sub-frame profile:

- Provides a way to hang the panel.

- Floats the panel away from the wall by 8mm/15mm/25mm (depending on profile).

- Adds rigidity and substance to the panel.

 Sub-Frame Profiles

 Sub-frame profiles are fitted in four easy steps:

1) Select your sub-frame profile, 8mm/15mm/25mm depending on how far you want the panel to float from the wall.

Use our Chop Service for the perfect cut with no waste or purchase your own aluminium mitre saw.

Sub-Frame profile

2) Join the corners of the frame using plastic push-in corners (for square cuts)


3) Use Heavy Duty Bonding Tape to stick the sub-frame to the panel surface of the frame.

Double-sided with an extremely strong adhesion, this tape does the perfect job of bonding sub-frames to panels of all materials.

4) Use hangers from the double-plate hardware kit to hang the panel to the wall.

For added security T-Screws can be fitted directly into the channel of the sub-frame.

Sub-Frame Hanging


Hardware & Accessories

for assembly, hanging and display of panels