How to Mount and Over-laminate a Paper Print

Key items needed:

Cold Roller Laminator

Electric: 6271 650mm, is used in the demo. Manual: 7818 650mm, 6682 1400mm.

Cold Mounting Film, twin-release

SeaLion C6 Mounting Film, Twin-release, 6977, 648mm x 25m, is used in the demonstration. With release paper on each side, it is easier to handle. 6979 1040mm and 6980 are wider rolls.

Cold Over-Laminating Film

SeaLion C10 Sandtex, 9193 648mm, is used in the demonstration. 9195 1040mm and 9197 1300mm are wider rolls.

Choose also from SeaLion C3 Gloss, C4 Satin, C5 Matt, C11 Fine Linen, C12 Coarse Linen.

Plus: Foam board, Cutting mat, Sharp knife, Straight edge, and Cleaning cloth.

Watch the video guide here.

  • 1) Cut laminating Film to size. Adjust rollers and bond film to face of poster and trim.

  • 2) Apply the adhesive film to the back of the print using the same method outlined in step 1.

  • 3) To apply the print to foam board; peel down a couple of inches of the adhesive sheet, smooth onto the foam board and run it through the laminator.

  • 4) Trim the excess foam board to the size of the print.