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Security fittings allow frames and mirrors to be hung safely and securely, but are completely discreet and don’t protrude from the side of the frame.

SpringLOCK locks onto almost any screw in the wall, so it works with most wall materials, including plasterboard. The bridge screws to the frame and then locates over a screw head standing 3mm proud from the wall. The lock is pushed home with thumb pressure but can only be removed with the special release tool.

T-Screws screw into a plug in the wall. When turned with a special spanner the T-head engages with a slotted plate on the back of the frame to lock the frame in place. T-Screws will also lock into the channel on the back of aluminium mouldings.

Components for both systems are available in individual frame kits and in bulk.


How to install a T Screw security hanger

How to install a T Screw to secure a printed panel fitted with a sub frame.

  • Step one

    Hang the printed aluminium panel using two Top Hook Plates.

  • Step two

    Locate the centre of the channel at the bottom of the Sub Frame and mark the wall.

  • Step three

    Drill a hole in the marked spot and insert the wall plug.

  • Step four

    Use a T Screw Spanner to insert the T Screw, finishing with the head in a horizontal position.

  • Step five

    Finally, hang the panel then use the spanner to turn the T Screw, locking it onto the wall.