Make a Frame Stand Up

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Customers sometimes want the option to make framed photos or certificates stand on a desk or display shelf.

MDF Frame Stands AKA 'strut backs' take the place of the backing board in the frame and have a hinged leg. They're available in standard photographic sizes.

Metal Photo Frame Stands fit into a socket that clips onto the backing board so they're ideal for bespoke sizes.

Screw in Frame Stands with insert have a threaded insert that presses into an 8mm hole in the frame. The user screws the stand into the insert for a very neat look.

Screw Fix Frame Stands are quick to fit and easy to bend to get the right angle, great for small photo canvases.

To make two frames stand like an open book, screw or pin Flap Hinges in place.

Use Flexible Points to hold the back in so the customer can change the image, or for a more polished finish try Turn Buttons.

See also: Fix the back into the frame