Manually Fix Hangers to Backing Board

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Hangers that fit over the backing board are great for small frames where the customer might want to open the back to change a photo. Only use hangers like these for light frames as they rely on the points holding the back in place.

Clip Over Hangers and La-Flat Hangers fit over the edge of the backing board.

Ring & Clip Hangers pass through a hole in the backing board on the same principle as a paper fastener.

D Rings can be fixed directly to the backing board using either Bifurcated or Two-Part Rivets. Use a punch to make the hole. Two-Part Rivets are used with a Setting Tool.

For medium volume production, the Alfamacchine SH200 Manual Press fixes a variety of hangers thanks to swappable locator discs. With one pull of the handle the starburst fixings on the hanger are set.