Glaze a Frame

Products featured

  UV Protection Light Transmission Scratch Resistant Anti Reflection Application
Styrene 1.2mm No 90% No No Perfect for low cost framing jobs
Acrylic Standard 2mm No 92% No No Great for everyday framing
Diffused 2mm No 90% No Etched Etched surface diffuses reflections
UV Protect 2mm 99% 92% No No Protects art from UV damage
Moth Eye 3mm 99.8% 98.6% Coated Coated Preserves artwork for generations


Acrylic glazing is an increasingly popular alternative to glass - it looks great, is lighter than glass, absorbs UV and won’t shatter, so it’s safer and easier to ship.

Moth Eye Museum Acrylic 99.8% UV protection shields valuable artwork from fading and deterioration caused by ultraviolet rays.

Tip: All our acrylic glazing is available on our Mixed Sheet Despatch.