Join a Frame

Frames are joined by inserting V Nails from underneath with an underpinner - watch our video to see how it works. This video shows the Alfamacchine U200 which is foot operated and ideal for lower volume bespoke work.


For harder mouldings and busier workshops air operated underpinners like the U200P, U300P or U400S are ideal. For high volume production the memory programmable U500 or U600 deliver fast, accurate joining. Watch our videos to learn more.


If you work with a lot of hard bare woods or profiles that are hard to join, try the Hoffmann Frame Joiner. Instead of inserting a V Nail which has to displace the timber fibres, it routs a slot for a dovetail key. The key is tapped into place and pulls the corner tightly together. Hoffmann can replace the laborious process of side-pinning taller profiles. Watch our video to learn more.



For advice on choosing the best equipment for your workshop, contact our Technical Sales Team