Frame a Chalk Pastel Artwork

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Pastels can be sealed with a spray before framing to minimise the smudging and dust dropping onto the mount - framers should get the artist to do this themselves as it can slightly darken the colours in the picture.

For unsealed pastels, make a ‘gutter mount’ to create a space for the dust to drop into. Watch our video to learn how.


How to frame a chalk pastel artwork

How to make a gutter mount for original artwork created with pastels. Pastel drawings can often shed loose particles which can drop onto the mount and mark it. A gutter mount is essentially a reverse double mount which creates a gap behind the front mount for the dust to drop into.

  • Step one

    Cut the front mount as normal then cut a second back mount with a border 5mm narrower.

  • Step two

    Adhere the front mount centrally on top of the bottom mount with double sided tape.

  • Step three

    Hinge the mounts and complete the frame as normal.

  • Step four

    If a deeper gutter is required cut strips of 3mm foam board and sandwich them between the two mounts.

  • Step five

    Cut the foam strips 20mm narrower than the front mount. Fix them in place with ATG tape.

  • Step six

    On a 50mm border these strips will be wide enough to support the mount but won't be visible from the side.

  • Step seven

    Hinge the mounts and complete the frame as normal.