Select the Right V Nail

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Find the right type of V Nail for your underpinner - see our table.

Power Twist Universal V Nails 15mm Normal 2000

‘Normal’ V Nails are used for mouldings made from Ayous and Pine. Choose ‘Hard Wood’ V Nails for oak, walnut ash and other dense hard woods. ‘Hard Wood’ V Nails are ground at a different angle to make insertion into the wood easier and to keep them straight. ‘Normal’ V Nails have a shallower grind to give more resistance but pull the join together.

Choose a V Nail size that will leave around 5mm clear from the face of the moulding when inserted. V Nails can be 'stacked' for very tall mouldings - avoid stacking more than two wherever possible.

Tip: Avoid putting a v nail too close to the back edge of the moulding to avoid ‘blowout’.