Clean Glazing Materials

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Getting glass and acrylic glazing materials perfectly clean is a really important part of framing. Everyone has their preferred combination of cleaner and lintfree cloth or wipe.

Vuplex is specially designed for cleaning standard acrylic and reduces static. It’s not suitable for laminated acrylic such as Moth Eye Museum Acrylic. Always check the cleaning instructions for the specific acrylic you’re using.

Our Dust Blower is handy for blowing and sucking specks out of the corners of mounts and frames as you assemble them.

If you’re having a problem with static making particles cling to glazing, try the Tiger and Panther Anti Static Cloths or StaticWisk Anti Static Brushes.

Fit the Adjustable Air Flow Blow Gun to your compressor and use the nylon brush nozzle attachment to make short work of removing dust and specks.