Hear Some More Tips

Tip: Always store/use self adhesive tapes and boards at room temperature. If they get too cold they’ll be less sticky. Glass is also harder to cut when it’s cold.

Tip: Make sure you charge your time properly by using frame pricing software - here are a few you could try ...........

Tip: A small dent in a bare wood or open grain moulding can be lifted by placing a damp cloth over it and leaving for a few hours.

Tip: Spraying water on the back of a stretched canvas can make it extra taut.

Tip: Assembling frames face up can make it easier to spot dust or flecks behind the glazing.

Tip: Lighter Fluid is handy for all kinds of cleaning tasks, including removing excess wax from the corner of a frame.

Tip: Seal the glazing/mount/backing board package with tape before putting it into the frame to prevent dust from the frame getting behind the glazing.

Tip: Sounds a bit disgusting but if you get a drop of blood on a mount, saliva will make it disappear.

Tip: It’s annoying when a freshly cleaned piece of glazing attracts more dust and specks when it’s dropped into the frame. To avoid this, put the glazing into the frame before cleaning, then hold the frame vertical while you clean it. This way any ‘bits’ will drop down as you go.