Maintain My Morso Guillotine

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To ensure you always get a great cut quality, it’s important to regularly swap the blades on your Morso for a freshly sharpened set. Watch our video to learn how to do it correctly.

We recommend applying a dry lubricating spray to your Morso’s pedal and blade mechanisms every four weeks. Watch our video to see all the points to target.

Tip: To get your Morso blades sharpened try Saw & Tooling Services on 0131 448 0207 or


How to change the blades on a Morso guillotine

  • Step one

    Lower the pedal and remove the guard. The blades are sharp so always lock the pedal in place when possible.

  • Step two

    Remove any attached rebate supports.

  • Step three

    With a long handle hex key, loosen the bolts on the bottom knives on either side.

  • Step four

    Raise the foot pedal as high as it will go to raise the blades.

  • Step five

    With a Morso spanner loosen the bolts holding the main blades in place. 

  • Step six

    Remove the top and bottom bolts first. Rotate and hold the blade. Carefully undo the centre bolt and remove.

  • Step seven

    Clean the back plate and bottom knives with a dry dust-free cloth.

  • Step eight

    To fit the new Morso blades attach the blade against the back plate and screw in the middle bolt.

  • Step nine

    Carefully rotate the blade and screw in the top and bottom bolts.

  • Step ten

    Do this on both sides of the Morso but don't make them too tight.

  • Step eleven

    Move to the front of the machine. Check the alignment of the two blades. Make adjustments with a screwdriver.

  • Step twelve

    When blades are aligned fully tighten each bolt to hold them in place.

  • Step thirteen

    Move the bottom knives back into place and tighten the hex bolts.

  • Step fourteen

    Move the blades up and down, make adjustments if there's rubbing or scraping.

  • Step fifteen

    Lock the foot pedal down again before reattaching the rebate supports and guard.

How to maintain your Morso mitre guillotine

How to lubricate your Morso mitre guillotine to keep it in perfect working order. We recommend carrying out these steps every four weeks. You could combine it with other maintenance jobs such as cleaning your mountcutter and panel cutter and removing glue residue from your underpinner.

  • Step one

    Use a dry lubricating spray, such as GT85, and squirt it sparingly into the pedal and blade mechanisms. Include:

  • Step two

    The slideways that move the cutting head back and forth and up and down.

  • Step three

    The pivot mechanism.

  • Step four

    The rebate support slideways.

  • Step five

    And the pedal and spring mechanism.