Add a Finish to a Bare Wood Frame

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Bare woods such as Oak, Ash, Black Walnut and Cherry look beautiful finished with a wax or stain to intensify the colour and bring out the grain.

Applying a paint, stain or wax by hand to a bare wood allows you to create something truly unique for your customer. One technique is to start by sanding the frame with a fine grade sandpaper, then use a stain or oil to achieve the desired colour. Oil based finishes can give more consistent coverage on timbers with a high resin content, such as Pine.

Finish with a wax to seal the wood and give a level of sheen.

Tip: Join the frame before applying a finish - to get a perfect join put a drop of PVA wood glue into the mitre and rub it in with fine sandpaper - the glue and sawdust mix to close the join almost invisibly.

Watch our videos to learn we’ve finished these frames.

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How to apply a finish to a walnut bare wood frame

  • Step one

    Sand the frame down with a fine grit sandpaper to make the surface as smooth as possible. The more time spent doing this, the better finish you'll get.

  • Step two

    Apply an oil such as Liberon Finishing Oil. The more coats you apply, the more the grain will be brought out.

  • Step three

    Wait 24 hours for the oil to absorb then flatten the grain with Liberon Wire Wool.

  • Step four

    Apply two coats of Black Bison walnut colour wax with a cloth.

  • Step five

    Polish the finish down with a microfibre cloth until the desired results are achieved.