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Framing textiles such as needlework and sports shirts is an art in itself. Here’s just a few products that might make the job easier. Remember to consider conservation techniques if the item should be preserved for future generations.

FabriGrip is a quick alternative to the traditional lacing method for mounting low value needlework on open weave fabrics - watch our video to see how it works.

If using a traditional lacing method, T-Pins can be inserted into the edges of foam centre board to temporarily position the artwork.


How to stretch needlework ready for framing

  • Step one

    Cut the length of FabriGrip needed to fit around the support board. To do this, use a Spacer & Slip Cutter.

  • Step two

    Now twist the FabriGrip pieces up and down to fit them onto the support board. Do this on all four sides.

  • Step three

    Centre the needlework on the board and lightly tension at the centre points. The sharp spikes of the FabriGrip pierce the fabric. Work along the edges applying a consistent light tension.

  • Step four

    Make fine adjustments until you are happy with the finished effect.

  • Step five

    Now it's ready to be framed in your chosen moulding.