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Make Cream Core/White Core < 2.6mm Cream Core/White Core > 2.6mm Cnservation/Museum < 2.6mm Conservation/Museum > 2.6mm
Keencut Tech-D.012 2493 Tech-D.015 3008 Tech-S.012 3845 Tech-S.015 6162
Fletcher Super Keen-D.012 2743 Super Keen-D.015 2744 Super Keen-S.015 2745 Super Keen-S0.15 2745
Logan Edge (650,655,660) 269-D 3420 268-S 7128 268-S 7128 268-S 7128
Logan (301,350,450,550,750,760) 270-D 1227,5065,798 271-S 7710 271-S 7710 271-S 7710


It’s important to choose the right mountcutter blade for the type of mountboard you’re cutting.

Tip: If you’re experiencing ‘hooking’ at the start of the cut, you may be using the wrong blade. Watch this video from Keencut to learn more about choosing the right blade for your Keencut Ultimat Futura.