Stretch a Canvas

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Stretching a canvas is pretty straightforward when you know how - watch our video to learn more.

Stretcher Bars are supplied in pairs. They slot together to form a frame - bars over 762mm/30” are slotted to allow you to add a brace bar, and brace bars over 762mm/30” are notched to cross, so you can brace both dimensions.

Stretcher Bars are supplied with wedges to tap into the corners - if the canvas starts to sag over time, tapping them in a little further will make it taught again.

You can buy stretcher bars in 3m lengths or order them cut to size on Chop Service, to join yourself.

Tip: Printed canvases can be finished with a varnish or texturing gel.

Tip: We all make mistakes - a Staple Remover is a very handy tool when stretching canvases.