Choose the Right Double Sided Tape

Products featured

Finger Lift Tape
Use: Bonding double mounts, mounting low value prints.
Benefits: Easy to tear off small pieces and position precisely; peel back release paper partially to allow for repositioning.

ATG Tape
Use: Bonding double mounts, fixing slips and spacers.
Benefits: Dispenser gun for speedy application.

Neschen Gudy Acid Free Dot Adhesive
Use: Mounting prints and photos.
Benefits: Archival quality, dots can be removed by rubbing.

Neschen Gudy 831 Double Sided Paper Tape
Use: Mounting fine art papers and canvas.
Benefits: High tack, pH neutral, tearable paper tape.

Tapestry Tape
Use: Sticking down lower-value needlework.
Benefits: Stays sticky when you reposition.

Double Sided Foam Tape
Use: Fixing objects in box frames, making multiple-layer 3D mounts.
Benefits: Very sticky, foam conforms to shape of object.

U-GLU Industrial Adhesive Tape
Use: Fixing objects in box frames, tidying up the back of needlepoints.
Benefits: Bonds like an adhesive, handles like a tape.

Heavy Duty Bonding Tape
Use: Fixing sub frame to non-porous panels e.g. Aluminium, ACP.
Benefits: Very high grab, solid adhesive.

High Tack Double Sided Clear Polyester Tape
Use: Bonding polyester and clear film overlays to backing board.
Benefits: Very sticky - never use it on artwork.

Slip & Spacer (Fillet) Fixing Tape
Use: Fixing slips and spacers to mounts and frames.
Benefits: Very thin, very high tack adhesive.