Make a Deep Bevel Mount

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Adding a deep bevel to a mount adds a luxurious gallery style. Cut and join our paper wrap slips and then use a double sided tape to bond the slip frame to the mount. Add strips of foam centre board to fill the back out.

Tip: Our Paper Wrapped Slips & Spacers match our most popular LION Mountboards - they’re covered with the same papers so it’s easy to get a perfect match.


How to make a deep bevel mount for a picture frame

How to use a slip to make a deep bevel mount. This technique is an easy way to add extra perceived value to a frame. These slips are from our Paper Wrapped Slips & Spacers range which are covered in the same face paper from our LION Mountboard range.

  • Step one

    Calculate the inside dimension of the slip frame, as you would for a normal window mount.

  • Step two

    Prepare the cut the slip to size on your Morso or order via our Chop Service.

  • Step three

    Glue and join the slip frame as you would any other moulding.

  • Step four

    Measure the aperture of the slip frame, allowing for a gap of up to 10mm between the slip bevel and window mount. Cut the mount.

  • Step five

    Apply double sided tape to the face of the slip frame, line up the window mount and bond it in place.

  • Step six

    Cut strips of foam board to pack out the back of the mount and fix in place with double sided tape to the back of the window mount.

  • Step seven

    Finally, hinge or mount the artwork as normal and assemble the frame.