Make an Aluminium Frame

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Aluminium mouldings are slim and strong, making them perfect for framing large posters.

Order aluminium mouldings cut to size on our Chop Service. Aluminium frames are easy to assemble with no equipment other than a screwdriver, but you’ll need to cut the glazing and backing board.

Our video takes you through the process step-by-step.

Choose from two or four hole hardware depending on the size of the frame - as a rule of thumb choose four hole hardware if the frame has at least one side over 1000mm.


How to make an aluminium frame

  • Step one

    You'll need three components; an aluminium frame mitred to size (try our Chop Service), Aluminium Frame Hardware, and the artwork sandwich.

  • Step two

    Slot in and tighten the screwed and flat plates into the corners to join three sides of the frame. Leave the top side open for now.

  • Step three

    Slide in the frame sandwich, starting with the glazing, then the artwork, mount and backing board.

  • Step four

    Slot in the remaining corner plates to join the fourth side of the frame.

  • Step five

    Slide the bow springs under the frame rebate on all four sides. Typically use 8 on smaller frames and 10 or more on larger frames.

  • Step six

    Slot the CWH3 Sawtooth Hangers in approximately 1/3 from the top of the frame and screw to tighten.

  • Step seven

    Finish by sticking bumpers to the bottom corners of the frame. This helps to hang the frame straight and avoid scratching the wall.

  • Step eight

    Hang directly onto picture hooks. CWH3 Hangers are not designed for use with picture cord or wire.