Cut Glazing Materials & Backing Board

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Inglet Verdi

The Inglet Verdi range of powered vertical saws makes a higher volume framing workshop more productive with fast, accurate cutting of single or multiple sheets up to 22mm thick. Watch our video to find out more.


Keencut Excalibur

A panel cutter like the Keencut Excalibur is an essential investment for productive bespoke framing. Simply by rotating the head you can switch between cutting/scoring mountboard, glass and plastic glazing, and a second head slices through MDF with ease. Watch our video to learn more.


Fletcher 3100

The Fletcher 3100 is a great choice if you want to be able mount your panel cutter on the wall, to keep the floor clear.


Hand Tools

Hand tools including acrylic scoring tools, glass cutters and utility knives can be paired with a good quality straight edge to cut glazing and backing materials for low volume or occasional framing.

How to calculate the size of a sub frame

Allow for a border between the sub frame and the edge of the panel. On average this will be 25mm but can be less on a smaller panel. You will also need to allow for the width of the Moulded Push-in Corners at each end. To work out the size of pieces you'll need to cut/order on Chop Service:

Panel width mm - (border mm x 2) - (27mm x 2) = sub frame width in mm

Panel height mm - (border mm x 2) - (27mm x 2) = sub frame height in mm


The Inglet Verdi sheet material cutter

The Inglet Verdi Basic Saw makes your workshop more efficient with fast accurate sheet material cutting.

  • Feature one

    The pneumatic clamp has variable pressure adjustments and holds materials in place.

  • Feature two

    The saw speed is adjustable to optimise cut quality on different materials.

  • Feature three

    The automated blade movement minimises operator fatigue.

  • Feature four

    The saw automatically returns to the upper position, ready for the next cut.

  • Feature five

    Two flip stops make it easy to accurately set the size required.

  • Feature six

    Cut acrylic glazing and backing material at the same time.

  • Feature seven

    Cut single or multiple sheets up to 22mm thick, making short work of production runs.

  • Feature eight

    Cuts sheet material made from acrylic, aluminium, MDF, and PVC.


The Fletcher 3100 sheet material cutter

With a unique breaker feature for cutting glass and acrylic.

  • Feature one

    When cutting acrylic the breaker allows you to complete the whole process without snapping a sheet on the edge of a bench.

  • Feature two

    When cutting Moth Eye Museum Acrylic score both sides before applying the breaker.

  • Feature three

    For glass score once and apply the breaker at the top of the score line for a clean break every time.


How to cut Moth Eye Acrylic with hand tools

If you don't have a panel cutter, you can use a good quality Straight Edge and Scoring Tool.

  • Step one

    Score twice on both sides of the acrylic.

  • Step two

    Put the sheet across the edge of a workbench and snap along the score line.