Mitre Cut Moulding

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Morso Mitre Guillotine: Easy to use, dust free and gives a perfect cut. Watch our video to learn more.

Double Mitre Saw: For higher volume production, cutting harder woods and delicate/embossed profiles our range of mitre saws from Alfamacchine offer outstanding productivity and accuracy while minimising operator fatigue.


How to mitre cut frame moulding with Morso Guillotine

How to use a Morso Guillotine to smoothly and accurately cut wood moulding.

  • Step one

    Safety first: the blades of a Morso are incredibly sharp so keep the guard on at all times and be careful not to touch the blades.

  • Step two

    Measure the frame moulding width, excluding the rebate. Add 2mm tolerance to allow for movement of the 'frame sandwich. Using this measurement line up the Morso scales. 

  • Step three

    Position the moulding on the Morso, move it all the way up to the measurement stop.

  • Step four

    Adjust the rebate supports to prevent any splits in the moulding. Use the support nuts to make adjustments.

  • Step five

    The handle of the front control the linear movement of the blades. Move it and make a small cut into the moulding by putting your foot all the way down on the pedal.

  • Step six

    Before lifting the blades, move them back so it doesn't damage the moulding. Complete this process of making small incremental cuts until the whole moulding is cut through.

  • Step seven

    Follow the same process for the remaining lengths. Remembering to move the measurement stops for the smaller pieces.